Get in "the Zone" and win

When you enter the zone every action is true and right in its very essence.

Get that Perfect Swing

When your mind is resolutely focused all other distractions fade away.

Hitting off the Tee

To perform at your best you need to relax and focus completely on the shot.

Do the Hazards exist only in your mind?

Do sand traps, water, bunkers, roads, trees, rough become your ball magnet?

Putt like a Champion

What do the pros know about putting that the rest of us don't?

Teeing Off

No matter how many hours you spend on the driving range, it doesn't prepare your mind for the pressure of that first shot. And that's where mental preparation comes in.

The Perfect Swing

The perfect golf swing will get you focused on the process of your swing and not on possible outcome. When your mind is resolutely focused all other distractions fade away.

Golf Hazards

Are hazards just in the mind? Sand traps, water, bunkers, roads, trees, rough... whatever the hazard, something in your brain goes 'click' and your next shot is a nightmare.

Putt like a pro

Even the best golfers in the world will have their off days on the green. But most of the time, their putting works. So what do they know about putting that the rest of us don't?

What they say about using Hypnosis

"I did not know that you could cultivate getting into the zone. I thought it was some thing that just happened on a really great day."
"I've seen a lot of hypnosis CDs and audiotapes that were nowhere near the quality of your work."
Professor Mitch E
"I know myself quite well and I wanted a change, now... I have never had anything work as well as hypnotism."

Why use Hypnosis for Golf?

Golf hypnosis is one of the best ways to prepare yourself to mentally take on and totally conquer your toughest opponent of all - you! And you don't need a hypnotist either. Thanks to modern technology it's as simple as downloading an MP3, and listening to your player.

Your Toughest Opponent is You!

Most sports are about speed and being prepared quickly. There is a minimum time between shots and plays. In comparison, golf is almost the reverse, you are virtually given as much time as you need, giving your toughest opponent plenty of time to play mind-games with you.

Important Information

  • Perfect Swing - Your swing is the foundation of your game
  • Tee Off - Get off to a good start with a strong tee shot
  • Hazards - Be confident when you you face the sand or water
  • Putting - "Putt for Dough!" You win or lose around the greens
  • In the "Zone" - It all just happens when you're "in the Zone"

WARNING: Hypnosis MP3s are very powerful and should be used in a safe, comfortable & relaxed setting.

NEVER listen to a hypnosis track while driving a car or operating machinery.